Saturday, 18 May 2013

Being a Master of Your Craft: Lloyd Irvin

Whenever you dedicate yourself and your time to learning a new craft or skill, you must make sure that you have the time to fully learn this new craft. Your time is one of your most important assets that you possess, and you must spend it on things that you hold dear. Lloyd Irvin is an expert in marital arts, more specifically Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Lloyd Irvin has been a world champion and gold medal winner in the sport of jiu-jitsu. 

When you learn a new skill, such as a skill to get a job that you need, you must be able to become better than the rest of these people in your profession in order to get a raise and a promotion. Lloyd Irvin was able to use his skill as an expert in martial arts to open up his own martial arts school. During this time, Lloyd Irvin also developed a new plan and a way to market his company in order to gain new students. This new way paid off, seeing that his martial arts school grew immensely and he became an expert in this new direct marketing campaign. 

 Being an expert in this newly developed way of marketing directly to the possible clients that would see this ad opened up many new doors for Lloyd Irvin. Lloyd Irvin was able to have a steady stream of students register for his martial arts school. Lloyd Irvin was also able to share this new way of marketing with other martial arts schools in order to change the way they work to easily attract more students. Lloyd Irvin believes that in mastering your craft, you become one of the elite and open up many opportunities that would not have been available to you otherwise.

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