Monday, 3 June 2013

Lloyd Irvin Sees The Internet as a Tool

In an age where people spend a majority of their time online, it is easy to see how one could use the internet as an important business tactic for your company. Lloyd Irvin is a former world champion jiu-jitsu martial artist, and even owns his own martial arts school.

When Lloyd Irvin founded his martial arts school, he quickly found out how important of a tool the internet can be for a business. Using the conventional methods of advertising for new student to join his marital arts school, Lloyd Irvin had a tough time and struggled to make money at first. Lloyd Irvin then recognized the need to change his approach, and turned to the power of the internet in order to reach more people in order to grow his school. Using a new method of direct advertising, Lloyd Irvin was able to put up online banners on websites that shared correlating interests with martial arts. When people stumbled upon these websites, they would see ads for Lloyd Irvin and his martial arts school, and would be prompted to click on them to find out more information. 

Through using the internet as a tool and being able to directly market towards people who were already interested in martial arts, Lloyd Irvin was able to build his martial arts schools roster and started to make money. 

What turned out to be a quick and easy idea for a new way of marketing opened up a whole new world for Lloyd Irvin. Lloyd Irvin was able to be one of the first people to use this direct marketing campaign, so when a visitor was on the internet seeing an ad for a marital arts school, 9/10 times it would be for his school, since not many of the other martial arts school owners were using this approach. Lloyd Irvin practically owes his martial arts school’s life to using the internet as a tool in order for him to grow his roster and be able to make the necessary money to run a successful business.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lloyd Irvin Believes in Having Hobbies

Whenever you work all week and end up not having the relaxing time that you feel that you need in order to rejuvenate or not, going throughout the same process and pattern everyday can be physically and mentally exhausting. Lloyd Irvin believes that in order to take some of this stress away and switch up your daily activities that you should find a hobby that suits you mentally and physically. 

Hobbies can be a great way to get the much-needed exercise that your daily activities and routine have been lacking for so long. For instance, Lloyd Irvin is an expert jiu-jitsu martial arts instructor and coach, and see many people pick up this art in order to get some exercise and get into better shape. Lloyd Irvin says that martial arts are very physical and require great focus to excel in, and with that focus comes great physical conditioning that he is there to help his students with. By picking up martial arts as a hobby, you can see yourself get back into that high school shape that you have wanted. 

Not only will hobbies help you get into better physical shape, but it will also help you gain better mental shape. Being physically active and being able to have a hobby to take your mind off of the everyday stress you endure can do wonders for your mental health. Lloyd Irvin believes that martial arts help all of his students mentally as much as it does physically. Lloyd Irvin thinks that it is imperative to find a hobby that suits your daily routine in order to relive some of the stress and improve your physical and mental health. Lloyd Irvin guarantees that practicing martial arts would be a great hobby for you to take up, but if you cannot handle martial arts right now, find the best hobby that suits your lifestyle.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Being a Master of Your Craft: Lloyd Irvin

Whenever you dedicate yourself and your time to learning a new craft or skill, you must make sure that you have the time to fully learn this new craft. Your time is one of your most important assets that you possess, and you must spend it on things that you hold dear. Lloyd Irvin is an expert in marital arts, more specifically Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Lloyd Irvin has been a world champion and gold medal winner in the sport of jiu-jitsu. 

When you learn a new skill, such as a skill to get a job that you need, you must be able to become better than the rest of these people in your profession in order to get a raise and a promotion. Lloyd Irvin was able to use his skill as an expert in martial arts to open up his own martial arts school. During this time, Lloyd Irvin also developed a new plan and a way to market his company in order to gain new students. This new way paid off, seeing that his martial arts school grew immensely and he became an expert in this new direct marketing campaign. 

 Being an expert in this newly developed way of marketing directly to the possible clients that would see this ad opened up many new doors for Lloyd Irvin. Lloyd Irvin was able to have a steady stream of students register for his martial arts school. Lloyd Irvin was also able to share this new way of marketing with other martial arts schools in order to change the way they work to easily attract more students. Lloyd Irvin believes that in mastering your craft, you become one of the elite and open up many opportunities that would not have been available to you otherwise.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Sharing Your Knowledge: Lloyd Irvin

Being able to spread knowledge to others is an opportunity that many people do not have the privilege of doing. Lloyd Irvin thinks that it is a very important part of continuing a subject of interest or a passion. In order for others to know more and understand more of a subject, they have to be taught or subjected to this subject. Lloyd Irvin believes that if you are an expert on a subject, or just simply know how to do something that others could benefit form knowing, you should share your knowledge for the better of the greater good. 

Lloyd Irvin is a master of jiu-jitsu, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion, and an overall martial arts expert. Lloyd Irvin also runs his own martial arts academy, where he teaches his students the knowledge and practices of martial arts that he has learned through all his years of experience. By sharing his knowledge of martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Lloyd Irvin is able to teach others the important life lessons that martial arts can teach, as well as spread his knowledge that he has gained via experience that his students have not had yet. 

Lloyd Irvin also spreads his knowledge in a different way around the marital arts filed. When Lloyd Irvin opened his gym, he had problems making a profit and gaining new students. In order to fix this, Lloyd Irvin came up with a new way to market to possible clients that completely turned his company around. With the success of this new marketing strategy, Lloyd Irvin is now helping hundreds of other martial arts schools around the world via his new marketing campaign. Lloyd Irvin has been able to help martial arts school owners turn their interest from a hobby into a business that can support their families.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Having Mentors is Important to Lloyd Irvin

Having someone who is an expert in the things that you are passionate around you and in a role model position can completely transform your life. One saying says, “You are who you hang out with.” Lloyd Irvin is a martial arts expert and former Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion. Lloyd Irvin also believes that success will come from surrounding yourself with people who share your aspirations or who are already successful in fields where you want to get results. For Lloyd Irvin, these fields are martial arts, and he is sharing his knowledge and love of martial art with his many students at his own martial arts academy. 

Having someone who knows more than you about a subject is crucial in the process of you learning more about that subject. Lloyd Irvin believes that mentors can help you push yourself way farther than we can normally push ourselves in order to become the best that we can be in these fields where we want to get results. Lloyd Irvin has the world champion mindset and the necessary skills in order to be an excellent mentor. Where he personally coaches and trains his students has produced a world champion kids team, a UFC champion, and several other world champions. This shows how much of an impact a great mentor like Lloyd Irvin can make. 

Surrounding yourself with people who are as passionate about a subject as you are can help you be held accountable when trying to get results, as well. Many times we let ourselves slip and get away with cheating things, but with a group of people supporting each other, you will be held accountable for these slip-ups and driven to actually achieve your goal. Lloyd Irvin knows that having a great mentor can also help your life outside of the subject you are passionate about. A positive role model can make a huge difference in the life of student who is trying to become an expert in a field of interest.